AgPest Alert – 8 December 2018

Watch for Aphids, diamondback moth & white butterfly on brassica crops

Region: All NZ

Keep an eye on aphids, diamondback moth caterpillars and white butterfly caterpillars in brassica crops. With warm summer temperatures these can increase quickly. Treating these pests before high numbers occur will provide greatest economic return.

Check sunny slopes for Chilean needle grass

Region: All NZ

Chilean needle grass will become evident in pastures in December. Keep an eye out for the reddish purple colour of the seed heads when they first emerge. Each seed has a 7 cm long awn (bristle-like tail). This grass is most likely to be found in pastures on north/west-facing drought-prone slopes but may be present in contaminated stock feed/hay.  If you suspect that you have it, please contact your local council biosecurity people for identification and management advice immediately.

Clover root weevil present in most areas

Region: All NZ

Clover root weevil will be obvious in most areas as new adults emerge. This does not mean biocontrol is not working, the wasp will also increase in numbers. Other control is generally not an option, but careful management of clover will help maintain pasture quality. Additional nitrogen can be applied to pastures if required and clover should not be overgrazed.




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