Achene: A small, dry, indehiscent, one-seeded fruit with a thin pericarp.

Awn: The awn is a bristle-like projection from the tip of each spikelet.

Auricle: An ear-like appendage of a leaf-blade, found where the leaf blade joins to the leaf sheath.

Fascicle: A tuft of leaves all arising from the same node.

Glume: The glume is an outer husk protruding from the base of the spikelet.

Internode: The part of an axis between two nodes.

Ligule: The ligule is the membranous flap of plant tissue found where the leaf blade joins the leaf sheath, the part of the leaf surrounding the stem.

Panicle:   A compound raceme; an indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are borne on branches of the main axis or on further branches of these.

Raceme: An unbranched, more or less elongate, indeterminate inflorescence with stalked flowers.

Spikelet: Unit of grass flower head (inflorescence); generally made up of two glumes and one or more florets, each with lemma and palea between which the flower is borne.

Stolon: A more or less horizontal stem, either arched or running along the ground, rooting and capable of forming a new plant at its tips.