AgPest Alert: 20 April 2020

Check pastures & assess Tasmanian grass grub damage

Region: Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay

In areas where Tasmanian grass grub can be a problem, damage may be seen. Check pastures particularly around stock camps and assess numbers to determine if insecticidal control is warranted.

Notice a new weed? It could be Velvetleaf – be sure to have it identified

Region: All NZ

Velvetleaf and other weeds will be well into flowering now. If you notice a new weed get it identified. Any new plants that are appearing on your property or in your crops should be identified to a) assist you in managing it in the future, and b) to check that it is not a new incursion that should be dealt with on a wider scale. Send a clear photo(s) to AgPest to have it identified.


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