AgPest Alert: 16 November 2020

Check sunny slopes for Chilean needle grass

Region: All NZ, except West Coast of the South Island

Chilean needle grass will become evident in pastures during November and December as its distinctive purple-coloured spikelets, with their developing long-awned needle-sharp seeds, emerge from elongating flower stems. Details of this invasive grass can be found here on AgPest. This grass is most likely to be found in pastures on north/west-facing drought-prone slopes.  If you suspect that you have it, please contact your local council biosecurity people for identification and management advice.

Watch for porina flights

Region: Lower North Island, South Island

Look for and note porina flights as these can indicate when to adopt control measures later if required.

Tasmanian grass grub beetle flights occurring

Region: All NZ

Tasmanian grass grub beetle flights are occurring. This pest appears to be spreading and may appear in areas where it has not previously been seen. e.g. It is now present in Cromwell. The significance of this is not yet known. New observations can be reported to

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