AgPest Alert: 15 October 2020

Watch for clover flea damage & treat early

Region: Northland, South Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty

In the Northern North Island watch for clover flea damage to clover – this appears initially as small holes in leaves, more severe damage results in only leaf veins and the lower leaf surface remaining, making the crop appear silver. Treat early if required to maximise effectiveness.

Pasture renewal required after grass grub/porina damage?

Region: Lower North Island, South Island

For pastures badly affected by either grass grub or porina over winter and needing renewal, consider direct drilling. This will preserve naturally occurring diseases of these pests that are building up in the soil and which will provide long term population regulation. Leave sowing as late as possible as both pests, especially in the south, may still be feeding and could devastate establishing seedlings. Be aware that slugs and clover root weevil may also be present in damaging numbers.

Look for porina flights

Region: Lower North Island, South Island

At the end of the month look for porina flights – indicated by large numbers being attracted to lights at night, as these can indicate when to adopt control measures at a later date if required.

Check for brassica springtails before sowing brassica crops

Region: All NZ

Look for brassica springtails before sowing brassica crops. Place a white card or cloth on the soil surface and gently disturb the soil around it. This will cause the springtails to jump and land on it making them easier to see.

Herbicide-resistant weeds becoming a problem

Region: All NZ

Weeds becoming resistant to herbicides is an increasing problem, we already have nodding thistle resistant to 2,4-D and MCPA and giant buttercup resistant to MCPA and flumetsulam. If you suspect you have resistant weeds and want them tested contact AgPest.

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